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About Us

Come on in, get to know us.....

About TeamIndus

TeamIndus India’s entry into Google Lunar XPrize, is building a privately funded Spacecraft capable of soft landing on the Moon by Dec 2017. TeamIndus is ranked Top-3 in this competition featuring 16 international teams.

TeamIndus has come a long way over the past couple of years – securing independent tech development validation by an international panel of experts, winning $1M as milestone prize, a dozen ISRO experts working full time, 70 person engineering team and an integrated design & development facility in Bangalore setup to ensure quality output on schedule for a Sep 2017 launch window.

Kiran Karnik held the office of President of NASSCOM, the premier trade body for the IT software and services industry in India, till 2008. Currently he is a member of the Scientific Advisory Council to the Prime Minister and the Central Employment Guarantee Council.

Dr. Kiran Karnik

Dr. Mathur retired in 2011 as Head of Lockheed Martin, India operations – he has been advising Team Indus on industry alliances and been guiding the overall strategy.

Dr. Pracheesh Mathur

Arun Seth is the non-Executive Chairman of India Operations at Alcatel-Lucent, since May 2011. He worked for BT Group in India in a variety of positions over 17 years, retiring July 2012 as non-Executive Chairman. An alumnus of IIT Kanpur and IIM Calcutta – he has worked in senior commercial positions in the UB Group, HCL etc.

Mr. Arun Seth


Lead the way

Dr. R. V. Perumal, a well Know ISRO scientist, For 36 years worked with Indian Space Research Organisation(ISRO) in design, development of launch vehicle hardware, project management, launch operations including two years as Director of Liquid Propulsion Systems Center. He was awarded Padma Bhushan by government of India in 2002.

Dr. R. V. Perumal

Dr. P. S. Nair is among the first few members who worked for Aryabhatta Satellite Project. He designed 1st ISRO satellite bus.

Dr. P. S. Nair

A veteran scientist from ISRO and mechanisms expert. He worked with Aryabhata Satellite Fabrication. Specialized in spacecraft structures and Mechanisms contributed significantly to many satellite realization. Notables are Indian Remote sensing satellites, communication satellites and Chandrayaan spacecraft etc.

Mr. N.C. Bhat

Dr. Sharma retired from VSSC, ISRO in 2011 – for over 30 years he has worked with mission design and more – at Team Indus, he mentors our team on Orbital Mechanics and more.

Dr. R. K. Sharma


Dare to Dream

Rahul is a serial entrepreneur with over 15 years of experience of creating businesses & taking them to the next level. Recently though, the space enthusiast in him has taken over and he is now responsible for keeping the Team Indus flock together, working out the big moving pieces for the next Moonshot.

Rahul Narayan

Tech Lead

As a Co-Founder and Marketing Lead at Team Indus Dilip is responsible for Corporate relations & creating a Brand that reaches out and engages many in ways never done before.

Dilip Chabria

Corporate Relations Lead

An ardent believer in the Indian Entrepreneurial Spirit, unlocking business potential for Indian entrepreneurs and promoters is his mission. At Team Indus, Julius spearheads fund raising and guiding the overall brand strategy besides keeping the tech geeks focused.

Julius Amrit

Investment Lead

His gusto for aviation as a consolidated subject and exposure to a multitude of mission profiles with the IAF, gives him a complete overview of the task at hand for Team Indus, making him an asset in the team’s journey to conquer the moon.

Sameer Joshi

Special Projects

Entrepreneur, with 10+ years of experience working with corporations worldwide and running own businesses in India. Quality cross functional work experience with a variety of reputed multi-national organizations in the fields of construction, building materials and building automation.

Sridhar Ramasubban

Sales & Marketing Lead

Serial Entrepreneur and Executive across Hi-tech industries, Dhruv is an expert at managing large teams across complex projects and getting things done. At team Indus he manages the technical complexity of our mission and manages the project delivery.

Dhruv Batra

Program Lead

Sheelika has nearly two decades of experience building and managing high performance human capital organizations both as an executive and an entrepreneur. At Team Indus, she enables the people organization and facilitates a culture of collaborative innovation and execution.

Sheelika Ravishankar

People Lead

Ramnath Babu has been an entrepreneur across Telecom, Networking and Renewable energy space for over two decades. At team Indus his expertise in manufacturing and projects management is brought to forte as he manages our Structures team.

Ramnath Babu

Operations Lead


Let’s get it done

Barath works on the descent section of the mission. His work involves simulations for an optimal controlled soft landing on the moon.

Barath C

Descent Team

Cheerudeep works on the Descent Controller which will take the spacecraft in a predefined path. He stood 2nd at CanSat 2014.

Cheerudeep Chintha

Guidance Navigation & Control

Soft spoken, Deepana works in the controls team. An MTech graduate from PSG College of Engineering , she works on the modeling and analysis of the Spacecraft Attitude Dynamics and Control and the Spacecraft Attitude Determination and Control

Deepana Gandhi

Guidance Navigation & Control

Working in trajectory design and analysis, Geno works on the analysis of the lunar trajectory

Genoedberg Nadar


The communications expert, he’s single handedly designed the communication network. Currently, he’s incorporating the propulsive system for EPS resizing. He worked on the SRMSAT before joining our team.

Guruditya Sinha

Avionics Team

Part of the structures team, he does the electro-mechanical integration and the analysis. Makes the models for the mission

John K John

Structures Team

A post graduate in Space Systems Engineering from the University of Galsgow. He works on the Attitude Orbit Determination and Control System design.

Karthick Balasubramanian

Guidance Navigation & Control

Mannika works in the Avionics team. She looks at the power system and the control system of the rover.

Mannika Garg

Avionics Team

She keeps the public constantly engaged through various media and public events. She has become a favorite among school children through the numerous outreach activities. An MBA graduate, Mounika also has the unenviable task of keeping the team in office when the weather outside is splendid.

Mounika Palreddy

People & Marketing

Murali is involved in design and development of Avionics subsystem and interfacing with associated vendors.

Murali Bhardwaj

Avionics Team

The only one who has the grit to mess with a rocket engine, and emerge victorious - after accepting a challenge to build his own engine in exchange for a beer. An aerospace engineer by day, and a mixed martial artist by night.

Nakul Kukar

Propulsion Team

Nirmal works on the trajectory from the time the lander gets separated from the launch vehicle to the point where it would start the descent to the lunar surface.

Nirmal Suraj Gadde


He’s our quietest talkative member. An MTech from IIT Bhubhaneshwar, he primarily works on the smaller components that go on board. He’s in charge of testing of the entire spacecraft.

Suranjan Mallick

Structures Team

MTech from IIT Kanpur, it’s Vishesh’s job to ensure that the descent and landing of the spacecraft on the moon.

Vishesh Vatsal

Descent Team

Adithya establishes flight rules and the mission’s operational flow by tying together the roles of the lander, rover and ground segments.

Adithya Kothandhpani


He’s newest member in the mission. Anant works on secondary appendages like mounts and brackets and mechanisms that go on board the spacecraft.

Ananth Ramesh

Structures Team

Nitish is responsible for the eyes of the lander and rover i.e. the cameras.

Nitish Kumar Singh


An ex Indian Space and Research Organisation employee, Paras is responsible for the overall thermal management of the spacecraft and rover (both in orbits and post landing).

Paras Kaushal

Thermal Control

A hard-core Mechatronics Engineer designing the spacecraft's electronic brain; he draws from experience developing the avionics for SRMSat. A part-time educator and tech-junkie, often seen modding his ancient phone to use it as a light saber.

Reuben Fernandes

Avionics Team