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TeamIndus is a deep technology company, where some of India’s finest scientific minds are working together to engineer path-breaking solutions for the vital challenges of our times. We believe solutions for these challenges will come by moving away from precepts, collaborating in ways unimagined, questioning what is and merging the old with the new in innovative ways.

Currently, we are grappling with questions of making space accessible to all, unlocking extraterrestrial resources for the benefit of all humankind, travelling to the Moon on a shoestring budget and crowdfunding an entire space mission. While these may be big questions to answer, we think the key lies in our four core beliefs.

Pure Unadulterated Science

We love engineering and all that it represents. The fundamentals of science are guiding us all the way.

Space demystified

We have seen the power of collaboration and open source. There is no going back.

Transcending Traditions

We see opportunities wherever there are limits. Conventions are meant to be broken.


We believe that plenty more ground-breaking technology is on its way to emerge out of India. Without doubt.

We began as a last-minute entry into a mega-sized challenge with no prior experience and only the belief that the solution was not unreachable. Now, we are discovering that as a start-up in the Indian aerospace ecosystem, the possibilities are endless.


We will keep you in the loop on all things important and exciting. Needless to say, we won’t spam you.