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ECA Rover

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Move 500m

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Once the spacecraft touches down, it will first connect back to Earth, deploy the rover, and beam back high definition lunar images. The all aluminium, four wheel drive, all terrain rover – codenamed ECA – is everyone’s favourite TeamIndus member. Her role in the mission is to move at least 500 m and help capture high definition images from the surface of the Moon.

Weighing in at around 5 kg, ECA the explorer will be powered by solar energy harnessed from photo voltaic panels arranged on its back. It will house a variety of equipment including cameras from the French Space Agency CNES. Designed and developed by TeamIndus, every part of ECA, including the wheels have undergone rigorous testing on simulated lunar conditions back in TeamIndus HQ.

ECA will be one of the lightest rovers ever to roam the lunar surface and many technological highlights including an extremely light weight mechanism on the wheels which helps it ride over the toughest of lunar conditions without a suspension adding to the weight of the rover.



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