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Your encouragement is everything in our mission—the first private Indian Moon-landing. All the words of motivation from our believers have kept us on the pursuit of our dream. Leave a note for the team. It will mean a lot to us.

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I believe that it is time India stepped onto the global stage. TeamIndus is redefining the future.

Nandan Nilekani

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Hari Vasudevan

3 days ago

I had a chance to talk to some folks at TeamIndus some time back... the passion and energy was refreshing so was seeing the steady hand of some of India's finest space scientists guiding the mission. I wish them all the very best!
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Prahalad Rajagopalan

April 7

It is worthwhile to interact with TeamIndus Moon Mission. I wish all of them the very best and success in their rendezvous with Moon this year end. Their mission is to successfully place a robot on the Moon that explores at least 500 meters and transmits high-definition video and images back to Earth. It is not an easy job, but I am certain they can succeed and will succeed.
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Tirtha Chakrabarti

December 21, 2016

I am a space and science lover from my childhood..Space always makes me fall in love with it..and when mankind is getting serious in space exploration and it could actually become an event of a friendly international competition for anyone, I am really glad. TeamIndus from my country is doing really great and getting respect for their honest and heroic endeavor. They are proving that space technology is not a distant star for common people if one loves it cordially and through friendly collaboration with foreign teams, they are sending a big message of the unity of mankind. Space is calling humanity and TeamIndus is responding to her in a proper tone. Time is really exciting for me, for us!
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Sumanth Shenoy

January 23

I got an opportunity to attend open house session at TeamIndus campus Jakkur. I entered the campus having very little knowledge about space technologies and the complexity of work involved in taking the space craft from earth to moon.I was overwhelmed by the opennes with which the crew members were sharing the information with us to make it #harindiankamoonshot.I was awed to see a very young workforce driving the mission. I was thinking it will take time for India to come out with a private sector entity in the field of space exploration similar to spacex, my perspective thoroughly changed the moment I got into the campus. Over all experience left me more inspired to do dream aspir and explore. Thank You

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Kevin Benjamin

January 20

I have very high hopes from TeamIndus, its a very big deal for a non-governmental body to land on the moon. The timing is perfect! And even if things don't go as planned, I would always appreciate you guys from the bottom of my heart... I hope that Republic day of 2018 be a historic moment for space exploration as well as our country! - Kevin

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Adithya Gn

May 4

Very much excited to see a private organization that too not big players entering into space projects.. it proves and gives confidence that all that is needed is passion to achieve greater dreams..thank you TeamIndus for giving that confidence and proving it..this could be our very own spacex or rather very first TeamIndus for the world.. wishing the team big success as whole nation is looking forward for their remarkable feat..

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Ramachandran Nair

June 14

Great idea that will inspire every one, especially the youngsters, who love to be in the field of Astronomy and Astrophysics. Undoubtedly it can also produce more and more Space Scientists within our country. Hats off to those who created this idea!

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Raghuvaran A Palanivel

June 1

Looking forward for the launch... I wish them all the success... Let this team rise the bar of our Indian space science and research.

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Swaroop Kagli

May 7

They are the first signs of hope and credible resurgence!

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Akash Prajapati

April 9

You guys are doing really wonderful and excellent work. we all really very proud of TeamIndus.go ahead & make proud for our nation.Best of Luck for Moon Mission.

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Bibhu Hari Singh Rajput

April 7

I would be more than happy to see a private Indian aerospace company competing or assisting our mighty ISRO in the future space mission. I know it's a long way to go but I wish the TeamIndus all the very best for their preparation and TeamIndus Moon Mission. Jai ho.

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Neelkamal Semwal

April 7

First team from India to go for the google lunar competition and we're pretty sure they're gonna win this.

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Muthu Krishna

April 6

I really love to see a team representing India. This is a bold move and to be appreciated. Young people are always dare and dynamic. You people are going to make history and the beginning of a new Era. Soon space exploration will be the next hot topic, buzzing around. Adventure into the vast space with time.

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Suraj Phadtare

March 26

Its always a great feeling when Indians do something like this. The team is working hard to make it happen. I'm sure that you will definitely win the competition. My best wishes to you.

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Immadi Satish

January 29

I grown up listening to great tales about the 18 men that stepped on the surface of the moon but a bit disappointed that since 1972 there were no such missions and I'm glad that something like this as a starter is happening and knowing that a team from my country is in the top5 what more I can ask 3> keep going @teamindus and al the very best

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Vijay Rayapati


Brilliant session by Rahul, @TeamIndus sharing the physics and technology behind their moon mission #IndiaCloudSummit

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William Pomerantz


It's easy to spread a beautiful dream to fellow dreamers! And I am so thrilled with all that you and @TeamIndus have accomplished.

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Had the privilege of listening to a @TeamIndus presentation today. Mind blowing, inspiring, fantastic.

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Manan Kohli


You'll keep wondering about how these guys @TeamIndus are making space so cool for India!

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Sorabh Pant


This @mojorojo meeting @TeamIndus for their moon mission is my favourite thing on Snapchat right now.Go see.


Bangalore. May 2017.

Axiom Research labs runs TeamIndus. TeamIndus is India's first privately funded mission to moon and also is India's only finalist in the Google contest - Google Lunar X prize mission.
The aim of the contest (and #TeamIndus ) is to design and launch a spacecraft to moon before December 31st 2017. The spacecraft should have a robot that will have to travel for more than 500 meters on lunar surface and beam back visuals to the earth.
It was inspiring to meet Rahul Narayan and TeamIndus while on this assignment for Forbes India.
You can read more on TeamIndus and its mission to moon in the Startup special edition of Forbes India magazine. The edition is dated June 23rd 2017 and should be in the stands now.


I had such an awesome day chilling with Wall-E's cousins on the moon today. Context in my (very long) Insta Story #TeamIndus


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