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The force is strong with us

Our definition of team is slightly different than most. It’s what many at TeamIndus call the sages-and-warriors formula—young engineers from India’s best institutions guided by the combined expertise of the nearly twenty ex-ISRO scientists, who’ve worked on landmark ISRO projects ranging from the first Indian satellite Aryabhatta to Chandrayaan.

Fleet Commander
Rahul Narayan is the man behind the wheel at TeamIndus. After dabbling in infotech businesses for most of his life, the space enthusiast in him has now taken over. An IIT Delhi alumnus, Rahul has extensive experience in systems design and development, with expertise in a diverse range of technologies across multiple industry verticals. He has always wanted to do something for the enhancement of humankind and the Google Lunar Xprize has helped him realise his calling in life.
Jedi Master- Technology
Dr. Vivek Raghavan guides all things tech at TeamIndus. In the past, he has handled the technology platform for Aadhaar—the world’s largest identity program—for more than five years. Having spent over 20 years in Electronic Design Automation, he has an eclectic portfolio of Angel investments including eZeTap, ZipDial, Gear Design Automation, Healthify and TeamIndus (Axiom Research Labs). Vivek has an M.S. and Ph.D in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Carnegie Mellon University and a B. Tech. from IIT Delhi.
Julius Amrit
Jedi Master - Investor Relations
Julius Amrit is the investment whiz, making the numbers work hard for the Moon mission. He spearheads fundraising and guides strategy, besides keeping the tech geeks focused on the task at hand. A postgraduate in management from the Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta, Julius has been an investment banker with leading global financial firms before starting up with TeamIndus. An ardent believer in the Indian entrepreneurial spirit, his mission is to enable the unlocking of business potential for Indian entrepreneurs and priming TeamIndus for the same.
Jedi Master - Business Development
Dilip Chabria is the wizard behind all of TeamIndus’ partnerships. He is also always at hand to make sure the team goes about the mission with a smile. Originally an electronics engineer, he had recognised early on that his true love was ‘engineering successful companies’ rather than the pure kind. For close to two decades, Dilip has been turning around businesses and has a knack for converting small organisations into recognised names in diverse industries such as precision engineering and advertising.
Jedi Master - Program Management
Dhruv Batra is the man who makes the various facets of the Moon mission work in sync, managing the project delivery of the entire mission. With more than twenty years of experience in managing large teams across complex projects, he has perfected the valuable art of getting things done. This engineering graduate is also the Director and Co-Founder of Assign Infotech and has experience in areas as varied as operations management and entrepreneurship in industries like ITES and e-commerce.
Jedi Master - Operations
Serial entrepreneur Ramnath Babu makes sure that the Moon mission benefits from his expertise in manufacturing and in project management. For over two decades, Ram has set up businesses in a variety of industries including telecom and renewable energy. He has been instrumental in carrying out a number of critical installations in internet infrastructure including commissioning the first set of Internet backbones for the Department of Telecom, Government of India.
Jedi Master - Marketing and Outreach
Sheelika Ravishankar formulates and executes strategies designed to make the TeamIndus mission one of the most inclusive space missions ever. She also manages the human capital function, preparing a leading-edge workforce for future space explorations. With over two decades of experience across manufacturing and service industries, she is the founder of Chrysalides, an organisational development firm. Sheelika has also held senior management positions at Mudra Communications and BBM Group amongst others.
Jedi Master - Sales
Sridhar Ramasubban looks after global business development and partnerships for the Moon mission and strategises for its global impact. Sri, as he is known to everyone, has worked in senior roles in the finance, technology and logistics sectors, both in India and the US. His role as an entrepreneur, investor and advisor with various start-ups has kept him in tune with the pulse of businesses in countries across the world.
Jedi Master - Special Projects
Sameer Joshi takes care of imagining and executing the future of TeamIndus, beyond the mission to the Moon. At the moment, he is working with a small group of engineers to develop radical concepts that will push the limits of aviation technology. A former Indian Air Force fighter pilot, a trained paratrooper and a huge aviation enthusiast, his exposure to a multitude of mission profiles within the IAF gives him the leverage to foresee all tasks for the team.


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