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Your encouragement is everything in our mission—the first private Indian Moon-landing. All the words of motivation from our believers have kept us on the pursuit of our dream. Leave a note for the team. It will mean a lot to us.


I had such an awesome day chilling with Wall-E's cousins on the moon today. Context in my (very long) Insta Story #TeamIndus


Bangalore May 2017

Axiom Research labs runs TeamIndus. TeamIndus is India's first privately funded mission to moon and also is India's only finalist in the Google contest - Google Lunar X prize mission. ⠀

The aim of the contest (and #TeamIndus ) is to design and launch a spacecraft to moon before December 31st 2017. The spacecraft should have a robot that will have to travel for more than 500 meters on lunar surface and beam back visuals to the earth.⠀

It was inspiring to meet Rahul Narayan and Team Indus while on this assignment for Forbes India. ⠀

You can read more on Team Indus and its mission to moon in the Startup special edition of Forbes India magazine. The edition is dated June 23rd 2017 and should be in the stands now.⠀

Unnikrishnan R


Unnikrishnan R Retweeted TeamIndus
[email protected] just shines and shines brighter! Can't wait for their "moonshot"!

Tamara Afanasyeva


@teamindus @cisblearns thank you for having us today! Space exploration is the topic today in Contextual Learning OnCampus!

Mayur Milan‏


What an age to be born in. #HarIndianKaMoonshot by @TeamIndus needs a look. Awesome job guys! #ThinkNext2017

Arvind Krishnan


Super inspiring talk from @TeamIndus to kick off #ThinkNext2017, both inspiring and humbling #harIndianKaMoonshot

Janakan Manivannan‏


Janakan Manivannan Retweeted Forbes India
Admirable space venture by this startup @TeamIndus .Entry of private players will synergize the great work already done by @isro . #startups

Pawankumar Nathani


@TeamIndus would like to know more about you..
Loving the concept of private Indian challenging the Space
Count me for your support

Manan Kohli


You'll keep wondering about how these guys @TeamIndus are making space so cool for India!



Had the privilege of listening to a @TeamIndus presentation today. Mind blowing, inspiring, fantastic.

Vijay Rayapati


Brilliant session by Rahul, @TeamIndus sharing the physics and technology behind their moon mission #IndiaCloudSummit

Priyamvada Natarajan


Shout out to Team Indus @TeamIndus hope you are on course folks to make it to the Moon....!

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Immadi Satish

January 29

I grown up listening to great tales about the 18 men that stepped on the surface of the moon but a bit disappointed that since 1972 there were no such missions and I'm glad that something like this as a starter is happening and knowing that a team from my country is in the top5 what more I can ask 3> keep going @teamindus and al the very best

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Muthu Krishna

April 6

I really love to see a team representing India. This is a bold move and to be appreciated. Young people are always dare and dynamic. You people are going to make history and the beginning of a new Era. Soon space exploration will be the next hot topic, buzzing around. Adventure into the vast space with time.

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Neelkamal Semwal

April 7

First team from India to go for the google lunar competition and we're pretty sure they're gonna win this.


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