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TeamIndus is the manifestation of the magic that happens when the audacity of warriors meet the wisdom of the sages.

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Team comes first in TeamIndus. Our definition of team is slightly different to most. Most of the workstations at the TeamIndus office are occupied by young engineers animatedly working on the Mission that will define their lives. Just a few feet away are our jedi masters-the thoroughbreds always at hand to guide the colts. These include scientists who, after helping build India’s space program, recently retired from ISRO and a multitude of other fine minds.

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It’s what many in TeamIndus call the sages and warriors formula – young engineers from India’s best institutions guided by a combined 600 years of expertise in the science of space of the nearly twenty ex-ISRO scientists, who’ve worked on landmark ISRO projects ranging from the first Indian satellite Aryabhatta to Chandrayaan.

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